Level 1 Pistol Class

Created with the new shooter in mind, the goal of the Level 1 Pistol Class is to help teach an individual who is already familiar with gun safety and function the skills necessary in advancing their shooting abilities.  The skills learned in this class are the basic building blocks for any shooting discipline whether it’s self-defense in or out of the home or competitive shooting sports such as IDPA or USPSA. To see dates and times of the next class click here.

Subjects Covered:

·         Gun Safety

·         Gun Control

·         Sight Picture and Target Acquisition

·         Shooting Positions

·         Drawstroke

·         Reloading Techniques


Class Requirements:

·         Comfortable Clothing

·         Self-Defense Handgun

·         Two magazines or two speedloaders

·         Proper strong-side outside or inside the waistband holster and mag pouch/speedloader pouch

·         200 rds of ammunition

·         No open-toe shoes of any kind

·         Eye and Ear Protection


Class Prerequisites:

Completion of the Tennessee Handgun Carry permit class or working knowledge of firearms and terminology and some shooting experience

The class lasts between 4 and 5 hours.  Cost is $100 per person.  There is a limited amount of spaces available per class.  Private classes are available.  Please call with any questions.